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e-Business Applications

NetWave provides custom application development designed to fit your business needs and requirements; we provide both simple and complex web applications leveraging our team's technical experience and the latest business trends.

From simple inter-department solutions to complex organization-wide Intranet systems, our team is well equipped to handle every scenario and provide the best possible application that is on-time and on-budget.


More than 650 Stores rely on NetWave Retail

Hundreds of stores are currently relying on NetWave Retail Management System to give them the edge needed to control multiple showrooms, warehouses and sales staff. You can easily track every transaction in your store from sales, stock movements, taxes and gross profit, bar-codes and label printing, right through to staff actions

and even customer details. Now you can price and control inventories across multiple locations and make right decisions with real-time data. 



Main Sections:
  • Point
    of Sale

    Manage all your multi-store operations in real-time through a centralized system.

  • Warehouse

    Control the stock between warehouses and outlets easily.

  • Marketing

    Adjust pricing on all your items and set sale prices for special occasions.

  • Inventory Inspection

    A fully functional inventory inspection module to help you track and control your operations.

  • Accounting

    View transactions across all your outlets and stores in simple reports.

Some of our growing Retail Management System implementations:
  • مشروعى
  • تيرا
  • عزه فهمى
  • رويال
  • تيكسمار
  • 69
  • تى شوب
  • برنت شوب
  • حسام
  • muse