Intranet platform for Egypt's Ministry of Petroleum

NetWave has successfully completed implementation for Egypt's Ministry of Petroleum Intranet to serve 250,000 members of the ministry and its companies. The Intranet is a platform for sharing related petroleum news, projects, tasks, ideas, discussions, as well as managing documents, media and connecting people of the sector among many other services. The Intranet was launched during the latest EGYPS - Egypt Petroleum Show 2018.

Portal Main Features:

  • Sharing of ministry news and events among all 250,000 staff allowing collaboration, feedback and getting better business results.
  • It gave everybody a face and a voice with the new company directory and vibrant personals profiles. 
  • Blogs, articles, events and calendar, discussion forums, wikis, polls & surveys… etc.
  • Online communities for departments and team communication and collaboration, public and private ones.
  • File sharing & Document storage.
  • Real-time chat & messaging.
  • Departmental tasks and projects management.
  • Android and iOS mobile apps for the intranet.