Intranets / Extranets

It is crucial for companies to access information from anywhere, at anytime. NetWave can help you create an Intranet or Extranet and develop a solid knowledge base system. We will create a strong framework for your corporate information, project or document management, business-to-business extranet, management reports system and more:

  • Corporate Portals Enterprise knowledge organization and distribution with personalized access and presentation
  • Collaboration Tools Forums and discussion boards, event calendars, internal/external communication system with clients, partners and employees
  • Enterprise Data Repositories Organized and secure storage and retrieval tools for corporate document and digital asset management
  • Workflow Automation Tools Business process automation systems facilitating and streamlining the management of day-to-day business operations

We will provide you with an Intranet/Extranet application that will help you automate workflow, collect information on-line and manage content and documents.


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