NetWave Retail Management System

A growing number of retailers strive to implement technologies that help them sell more, grow rapidly and cut operating costs. Real-time data exchange with stores, head office, staff and other systems is becoming increasingly important for everyday operations.

NetWave Retail Management System gives you the edge you need to control all of your showrooms, warehouses and sales staff. It gives you the power to control all the processes taking place in your retail business

(Marketing, Accounting, Procurement, stock control, Point of sale, staff, and much more..)

Now you can price and control inventories across multiple locations and make right decisions with real-time data.

General Features:

  • Online/Offline POS
  • Optional Arabic Interface
  • Size Matrix (Size, Sub Size, Color, etc)
  • Store & Display Picture Images
  • Gift cards
  • Unlimited number of inventory items and transactions
  • Adjustments or settlements for stores and warehouse stocks
  • Online Alert system to main offices on various operations
  • Internal messaging system
  • Multi-Vendor Support
  • Original Code support
  • Bar Codes creation
  • Accept credit cards
  • Instantly check stock
  • Put items on back orders for future deliveries from the POS
  • Transfer orders and returns between warehouses and stores
  • Capture, show customer contact information
  • Instantly access complete history of purchases, payments and account information
  • Accommodate partial payments and account payments
  • Grant discounts and differential pricing to special customers
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Receipt Notes by Product
  • Commission Tracking
  • Instant access to other stores & ability to transfer items online
  • Physical Inventory
  • Sell services
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Better decision making through up to the minute information
  • Overall view of your retail business at any minute in time through up to the minute information


  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Fully integrate with other accounting systems
  • Optional General Ledger functions


  • Update products’ prices.
  • Update products’ sale dates.
  • Manage products’ quantities
  • Decide on promotions
  • Promotion bundles
  • Product Description: Editing product features.
  • Create purchase orders for chosen suppliers.
  • Order products to outlets and/or clients.
  • Approve Return Products from outlets and/or clients.
  • Decide what to buy or mark down
  • Track ROI from your ads, mailings, promotions, sales and discounts


More than 57 various reports are available to choose from depending on your module. All reports can be viewed either online or exported to Excel. Example Reports are:

  • System Stocks
  • Outlets Sales
  • Outlets Staff Sales
  • Outlets Complete Sales by category or item
  • Products Price List
  • Products complete life cycle
  • Sales Percentage
  • Outlet Sales/Stock Movement
  • Outlet Complete Movement
  • Warehouse Complete Movement
  • Stock Evaluation
  • Customer Sales/ Returns
  • Products Sales/ Returns
  • Outlets Sales/ Returns
  • Management and staff Reports
  • Plus Many more..


In addition to the above, NetWave will customize the solution to fit your exact business workflow requirements.


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